I'm an author—what are Thank You Notes?

Thank You Notes are Lulu's way of allowing you, the creator, to send your customers a personal note and make it possible for them to contact you by email, while ensuring that their personal information remains private.


Your Thank You Note contains a message that you write. Lulu emails it to people who buy your item and who have agreed to receive Thank You Notes. The same note goes to everyone who buys your content, even Direct Access materials, regardless of the type of content you sell. (If you have diverse content, you may consider writing a very general Thank You Note.)


To create or modify your Thank You Note:

  1. Log into your Lulu.com account
  2. Go to My Projects > Edit Thank You Note in the left column.
  3. Enter the name, email address, and message you want to send. (The content of your Thank You Note must comply with Lulu's Membership Agreement.)
  4. Click Save or Save & Preview.
  5. If you choose to preview your thank you note, the system will send a test thank you note to you by email.

Note: By entering information in your Thank You Note section, you agree to allow Lulu to send this information to everyone who buys your content. Keep in mind that if you use a pen name on your content, you will probably want to use the pen name on your Thank You Note as well.


All thank you notes will show your name as the sender and have A Lulu Thank You Note as the subject.

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