How do I compose the Thank You Note to my buyers?

Create or edit your Thank You Note at the Thank You Notes Editor. (From your My Projects tab, click the Edit Thank You Note link in the Creator Tools section of the left navigation column.)


Note: Your Thank You Note content must comply with the Lulu Membership Agreement. By entering information in your Thank You Note section, you agree to permit Lulu to send this information to all purchasers of your content. Keep in mind that if you use a pen name on your content, you will probably want to use the pen name on your Thank You Note as well.


  1. In the web form, type the name, email address, and message you would like to send to your customers.
  2. Click the Save button or the Save & Preview Button. If you chose to preview, a test thank you note will be e-mailed to you.

Lulu emails your Thank You Note to anyone who buys your content from Lulu. All thank you notes show your name as the sender and have "A Lulu Thank You Note" as the subject.

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