Formatting a Book's Description Text

I've noticed that some author's book descriptions have line breaks and some simple formatting, but have not been able to achieve that with mine. Have you been able to add simple formatting to your book descriptions?


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    You can add some code to your description.



    HTML Line Breaks

    The HTML <br> element defines a line break.

    Use <br> if you want a line break (a new line) without starting a new paragraph:



    <p>This is<br>a para<br>graph with line breaks</p>

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  • Doesn't work for me!


    When I save the changes, the preview shows it without the line breaks. When I go back to edit, all the HTML markup has gone!



  • You're right. Now I'm needing to use it and it's not working.

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