Copyright question

An author recently asked this question in a forum to which a reply cannot be posted:


"I want to know what kind  of copyright should I get if I am trying to publish a poetry book.

How will set up my copyright page."


The standard copyright is always the safest...and the only one that guarantees protection to your work. There is no difference in copyright based on what kind of work you have created. Whether it be a novel, poetry, music or a painting, the copyright is the same.


Your work is legally copyrighted the moment you have put into some sort of tangible form. All you need to do is put "Copyright © 2015 Yourname" on the copyright page (typically the page following the title page) and you are done. However, if you think you may ever have need to defend your copyright in court, you should take the extra precaution of registering it with hte US Copyright Office. This is an easy and inexpensive process.


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