2015.15 Release Notes: Passwords and Bulk Discounts

Password Reset

Each week, the Password Issues category consistently appears in our list of top 20 support categories. A majority of these submissions are requesting assistance to reset a password, leading us to conclude that our password recovery process is not obviously apparent to users.


To address this problem, we are adding an additional Forgot Your Password? link to the navigation bar at the top of the Login page.


Standard Paperback Bulk Discounts

Standard Paperback books created and purchased in the US store now qualify for bulk discounts. Bulk discounts are automatically applied during checkout and depending on restrictions may be combined with other offers.


Bulk pricing for Standard Paperbacks can also be viewed on the Create > Print Book page by selecting your book format, adding the number of pages, clicking Volume Discount and selecting a bulk purchase tier.


Note: Prior to today’s release, bulk discounts were available for Standard Paperback editions in all stores except the US store.

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