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Are you looking for a proofreader/editor?

If you are in need of a proofreader/editor, I have experience including, but not limited to, proofreading and editing for a lawyer, a church bulletin, business correspondence, a newsletter, etc.


I love to read and have a penchant for finding mistakes.


For more information, please visit my website:www. fountainofproof.net


Thank you.




  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's not always wise to post an email address in a forum, but it would be best if you had a website with prices etc.

  • As well as, perhaps, some examples of your work.


    It is important to distinguish between what a proofreader does and what an editor does. What most people mean by "proofreading" is actually "copy editing," which is the task of vetting a manuscript for spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc. "Editing" goes even deeper and looks at sense, content and style. 

    Black Cat Studios http://www.black-cat-studios.com/
  • I presumed that if my e-mail address is already in my profile, it would be okay to post it here.  I do not have a website at this time.


    Please see Ron Miller's explanation of a proofreader and an editor.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's all in the detial.


    I am not at all sure people look at our profiles or even know how to.

  • I appreciate the feedback.  Thank you.

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