Updated Description - New Proof?

Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

Okay, the following question is probably best answered by a moderator, but if someone has actual experience that will do as well.


Situation: I recently did a revision on each print version of the two books I have released at present. I am awaiting the proof for each book to approve or deny.


Question: If I update the description for each book to include the word count for the story, do I need to treat it as another revision and order yet another proof?


Let the games begin.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Caveat emptor and all that, but there is nothing physically preventing you from approving a book without having seen the proof copy. So, not advisable, not clever, but if all you have changed is the word count and you have broad shoulders and you are happy to go with that, hit that button.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    What ever is on the first page when you click Revise can be changed without buying a new Proof. Only changes you make within actual Project Wizards mean buying a new Proof. And it is indeed true that you can click Approve right after you have ordered one without waiting to see it.

  • As others have answered, changes to a book's description, price, category, etc. do not require the purchase of a proof copy, but you must approve the change before it will be sent to retailers.

  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    All helpful and thank you all.


    I'm fairly certain I will approve the proofs, but since they're almost here I can wait.


    The original question is one I did several searches to find the answer on, but found nothing.

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