2015.12 Release Notes: New Fiction Categories

Spring is in the air, daffodils are in full bloom and trees are beginning to show a haze of green. The seasons are not the only thing changing here at Lulu; this month we are making changes to our fiction categories and  introducing a new content filter.


Book Categories

Fiction categories have been updated to better serve our authors and help their readers to more easily locate genres of interest in the Lulu Bookstore and other online retail sites. This change also brings our fiction categories into alignment with the Book Industry Subject and Category (BISAC) standards used by retailers around the world.


Fiction categories are now listed as:


Fiction: General

Fiction: Fantasy

Fiction: Science Fiction

Fiction: Mystery and Crime

Fiction: Horror

Fiction: Romance

Fiction: Erotica

Fiction: LGBT


The following nonfiction categories were also updated:


Sex & Relationships is now listed as Love & Relationships

Gay & Lesbian is now listed as LGBT Studies



New Content Filter

Authors may now indicate their book includes explicit content, ensuring only readers who wish to view this content will see it when browsing or searching in the Lulu bookstore.


Books marked as containing explicit content will be obscured so that shoppers cannot see the title, cover, or description in the Lulu bookstore and author spotlight pages. Shoppers must provide their date of birth, to verify they are 18 or older before viewing a product page or entering a category marked as explicit.



How to edit your book categoryEdit Categories.png

If you are a fiction author, you can help readers more easily find your book by taking a moment to update your book's category.


To review and update your book’s category:

  1. Log into your Lulu.com account.
  2. Go to My Projects.
  3. Click on the project title to open the details page.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click on the dropdown list and choose the fiction category that most closely describes your work.
  6. From this page authors may also indicate their book includes adult content, ensuring only readers who wish to view this content will see it in their search results.
  7. Click Save Changes when complete.


If your book is in GlobalReach distribution you will be happy to know that category changes do not require authors to purchase a new proof copy, but you will need to approve the category change before we can pass it along to our retail partners. 

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