Where do i post an Editor's name?

The title explains it all. 


  • Title doesn't really explain it.
  • In general, a work is either an individuals work, in which case the author is listed as the author, or a collection of works by various people, in which case the editor is listed as the author, with ", Editor" after his name.


    If you mean the person who read your work, made brutal suggestions, and then corrected spelling and grammar issues, you would thank him/her on the acknowledgements page.

  • Sorry, i meant where do i put an Editor's name in a print book? Below the Author's? 

  • Wherever you want.

    In trade publications the editor typically gets credited with the other production staff such as

    Written by W
    Layout & Typography by X
    Illustrations by Y
    Editing by Z


    In fiction, typically the editor only gets a credit in the author's thanks.
  • Ok, thank you. 

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