help.. sizes are bigger when exported from indesign

Something is wrong. Either I'm exporting incorrectly or Lulu is reading the pdf file incorrectly.


I have created a letter size book with indesign the document has the correct size.

I have set my bleed to 0.635 cm for all margins


does anyone know why Lulu says my book has incorrect, here is what lulu states:

Your file "gymnastic_skills_handbook_1-5_ISBN_978-1-312-80099-1_rev2.pdf" is 9" x 11.5", but you have chosen 8.5" x 11" as your book size.
You can fix this problem by choosing a new book size, or changing your PDF file.




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    DoPDF is a simple free PDF creator which embeds fonts, allows you to customize the size, with zero headaches.


    You will be stress free within five minutes. Free software too.


    I sound like an Ad. But in all honesty, save yourself the InDesign complications.

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  • actually I love indesign.... nothing wrong with creating the book. my problem is that lulu says the size is incorrect when I have used the correct sizes.

    I have read the docs about bleed and they are a little confusing. It says I need to make my page size .25 in both width and height. this I do not understand, because this would mean I would have to use a custom size!?! I have set the bleed correctly.. so what are they asking:
  • I used the following docs:

    this failed on the global reach!!!!


    something is incorrect from Lulu.



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    There's nothing wrong with Lulu's instructions.


    Yes, you have to use a custom size. Add a quarter of an inch to width and height. Make your images reach the edge of the page. Upload the book to the book size project you want. If you are then told your book has the wrong dimensions, just proceed.


    So, for an 8.5 x11 book upload 8.75 x11.25.

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  • I beg to differ.


    no place does it say to use custom size.. it actually says to use the standard sizes.


    and you wrote yourself if you are told your book has the wrong dimensions, just proceed..... that is not documented and if you get this message then all people stop there!


    thanks for your help, I'm not sure it is correct, but nothing else seems to be correct here at lulu



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    Your InDesign document will be a custom size when it's created for full bleed.


    Just try it. If I'm wrong, come back and tell me so.


    But, chances are I'm right since I've submitted many full bleed PDFs.

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  • the document is "Letter" which is the final size I want.
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    Yes, Letter will be your final size. But, because your images reach the edge of the page, the printer will crop up to .25 of an inch. So that is why you must add that to your PDF.



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  • this makes no sense.. I cannot find any parameter where I can tell pdf til add .25 in !?!



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    I gave you the quick solution a few messages ago. BUt if you still don't want to just print the PDF using doPDF,


    here's how to change your page size in inDesign:



    There are hundreds more links on how to do it. You can also search at YouTube.


    Good luck.

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