Quality of my book is horrible, now what? I have sent two messages.

I printed a book through Lulu in 1987 and just wanted a reprint. Imagine my surprise when I received the "copied" book with light printing and pictures that are so light you cannot see clearly. What happened to Lulu since then? How can I correct this? I am ready to order a large number of books.  Claudia 


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    I just got a book in the mail. The images were breathtaking.


    Maybe yours is just a printing error?


    Take a picture and contact Support.

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  • Hello Reott

    So sorry to hear that your book did not print as you expected.

    If you go to the My Orders page in your Lulu account, you will see a link to report a problem with your order. Click this link to submit a support issue. For a faster response, take a few pictures to illustrate the problem and include them in your request. We will happily replace the book at no cost.

  • I will try that.  Hopefully, can get this problem fixed. I have many people waiting for the book. (It is a family book).  Thank you. 

  • There is also a number you can call on the order page to report print issues. Calling that number will result in a quicker response and reorder.

  • I have been trying to find a phone number.  Could you please share that with me?  Thanks, 

  • The number for reporting print defects and damaged deliveries is listed on the Contact Us page and on the My Orders page in your Lulu.com account. This is a toll free number for callers in the USA.


    The number is 1-844-212-0689.


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