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Could anyone please tell me if I can get my print book on Whsmiths & waterstones through lulu? Im only looking to get on the websites not the actual stores.


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  • Here is the list of places which ebooks are distributed to:


    E Book Distribution List

  • Are you sure that's not just a list for if one publishes direct through Ingrams?


    This is the Lulu list for ePubs   >>>  http://www.kevinlomas.net/E-book-Retailer-List.html


    That's not what was asked though.


    No I am afraid not unless you approach them direct which unfortunately is the case for a lot of places. In fact W H Smith is a distributor in their own right.

    A lot of places do not accept POD books, they expect Sale Or Return, and many frown on self-published books.

    However, do not worry about it because your book will be on Amazon, who did not go bankrupt as Waterstones did a few years ago.

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  • Sorry, I didn't read that carefully enough.

  • Sorry, I didn't read that carefully enough.


    We all suffer from that problem at times.

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  • I was surprised when I found my first book in Sainsbury's.  Frozen meat aisle. It was keeping a freezer level Smiley Very Happy

  • My book, London Red, went onto Kobo through the Lulu distribution service. W H Smith own Kobo and sell the Kobo devices in their stores. So that's the nearest I could get to Smiths. With Waterstones, I took 3 paperbacks into the local shop but I don't know if they sold any. 

  • W. H. Smith do not own Kobo. It's a Canadian e-reader manufacturer owned by some Far Eastern company, and anyone can sell their device.



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