Comparing Ad Conversion Performance

So, a question I wasn't seeing any info on in the KB or on the forums (granted, my queries turned up any number of results, most of which were not the combination I was looking for). So, hopefully someone might have a little experience in what I'm trying to bridge.


I'm doing some work promoting a recent script for a one-act I wrote, and in doing so, have some ads running on various channels like Facebook, Goodreads, etc. No big deal there. And I have my own site to promote it with goal funnels and whatnot as well.


My question is, while I can see CTR in the respective sites' ad systems, and I can see sales in Lulu, I really want to start connecting sales to given ads on various sites to decide which ones are the most effective for my audience. Has anyone tackled this issue? Is there a way to configure a destination URL to a Lulu product page so that it can attribute a sale to a Facebook lead, or Adwords, etc?


  • I'm under the assumption that this is an unsolvable problem unless Lulu has the ability to embed conversion tracking that isn't apparent (or I'm just blind and not seeing it).
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    Yeah, unfortunately that's what you give up when you use someone else's storefront - the ability to accurately track conversions.

    What I've done is switch my advertising up so that I only promote using one promo venue at a time, and compare sales during those promotional periods.
  • Yeah, I'd been thinking the same thing. The funny part is, I have one of the campaigns running right now with literally a 0% CTR, which is making it really easy to attribute the rest of my sales (only doing two channels at the moment).

    I'm wondering if this is the sort of thing Lulu might consider adding integration for...
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