Distribution Issues

Hi all,


I submitted a ticket about a week ago and heard nothing.

Most of the my readerbase are in Ireland and the UK and when people from that area have ordered my book, they choose the option for delivery within 3 to 5 business days. Now, I know this means after printing.

Many have come to me and said they had ordered my book through Lulu.Com two weeks ago, received their shipment confirmation email a few days later and still have not received their book.

Is there an issue with distribution to Ireland and the UK compared to say, Australia, where delivery is very quick?





  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It depends on the type of book. Some are only printed in the USA and the weather is a tad bad there right now.


    Lulu try to have the other books printed as close as possible to the ordering address, in this case I think that's the S. of England.


    Having said that. Those who have bought your books should be moaning at Lulu not you. If they bought direct from Lulu then their purchase 'contract' is with Lulu and they should all ask Lulu where their books are.


    PS: Check your spam to see if Lulu have contacted you.

  • Hi Kevin,


    Thank you so much. I actually forgot about the weather issues in the US at the moment. That does explain thngs.

    I will let them know. Smiley Happy

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