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Novel rank displayed that I had sold a hardback edition of my book. When I got my report, it showed that the book was purchased through Ingrams. So I'm guessing Amazon gets the book from them and that it why it takes 2 to 4 weeks delivery. Just some info I thought I'd pass on.


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    I think Amazon print POD books using their Createspace, I am not sure they need to get it via a third party. I do know that when Lulu ePubs are sent to Amazon that it's Ingrams who do the conversion to Kindle, though.


    2 to 4 weeks for Amazon is remarkable, but I would assume 6ft of snow in some places slows delivery down  Smiley Surprised

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  • Amazon CreateSpace has the capability to print most paperback formats. They do not, however, print hardcover formats. When a Lulu hardcover is ordered on Amazon, the order is printed and fulfilled by Ingram.

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    That's interesting to know, thanks, and a strange omission by the vastly rich Amazon. So who do Ingram get them printed by, do they do it? or do they pass the order back to Lulu? Do Ingram take a distribution fee? Some one should write a book about it.


    BTW: While having a look at Ingram's I found this on their site which may partly answer my own question >>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyirwQbACbU&feature=youtu.be


    It makes one wonder why POD is still so expensive!


    PS: This follows that clip >>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsGgV5nCmtc  Gosh! Not  a happy chap!

    Myself and my friend combined know everything there is to know, but he's not here.

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