Open book Margins?

Not sure if I got the margins right when I used Lulu template.  Take a look at image.  My mom thinks that the margins for the pages are reversed.  If so, how do i go about fixing it?


  • Whatever margins you choose, the right and left hand pages should be mirror images of each other. That is, the outside margins should be the same on both pages and the inside margins should be the same. In the example you show, you have a wide outside margin and narrow inside margin on the left hand page and a wide inside margin and narrow outside margin on the right hand page.

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    Hello. The best is to have your four margins set "equal " at the very beginning of the book. 2cm is a standard width for the margins of a novel.

  • Remember that odd numbered pages are on the right side of the book. When you look at the pages in MS Word using the two page view, the odd numbered page is on the left. That's why the margins appear to be reversed.

  • Not sure if I got it right but i used the same margins for both even and odd pages.  I am sure it will be much better than the attachment.    I will try to post an attachment illustrating this by tomorrow.  Thanks for the input.   I was under the assumption that the even and odd pages would have 'reflective' margins based on what the templates looked like.   Nevertheless, this allowed me to catch some other issues so it was a 'win-win'.

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