Print ready file look correct - does not print correctly

I tried to upload a doc file and Lulu's "print ready file" always added or subtracted blank pages no matter what I did to try to fix it. Then I uploaded a pdf file of my work and the "print ready file" from Lulu looks fine. However, the printed proof copy I got had every other page blank.

I have looked for an answer to solving this problem in vain. The first time I had this issue it was finally corrected by someone in the Lulu staff, but I have been having a conversation with a staff member about the same problem again and she just doesn't seem to comprehend it. She says that if the print ready file looks right then that is the way it will print. It does NOT print that way. 

I'm at a loss.


  • Hello JORienhardt

    Which part of your book are you referring to when you state that every other page was blank? The entire book?


    Are there blank pages inserted between all pages in your manuscript?

    Are you missing pages - i.e. only the odd or even pages printed?


    A little more information may be required to get to the bottom of this. I had a look at your "print-ready file" and do not see anything that would account for this, but there have been print incidents that were due to printer error in which the odd or even pages did not print.



  • There are no extra pages inserted the back of every sheet is blank, i.e., page 1 printed, page 2 blank. It is this way to about half way through the book, then is switches, say, even page printed and odd pages blank. The entire book is this way.  Currently the person I have been emailing with (Kate) is looking into it. I finally got her to understand the problem.


    My concern, once the problem is finally solved, is that I will keep paying for proof copies only to find that it happens again.

  • Hello JOReinhardt

    This sounds like a printer error to me.


    I am out of the office today due to an unexpected snow storm overnight. I will have a look at your support case tomorrow and escalate it to the print support team.

  • Thank you. Hopefully there is a solution out there somewhere.

  • Hi James

    I just had a look at your support case. It appears to have been escalated to the Print team and assigned to a support team member. You should hear from them shortly. I apologize for the delay.

  • No one from print team ever contacted me. They printed another one, which I received today, and it is exactly the same. Nothing has been resolved.


    I am having problems with 2 books now and must seriously consider going with another company, which I would rather not do, but this is ridiculous.

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