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Hey everyone- I'd like to consider myself an independant writer and have previously published on Smash Words and wasen't very satisfied with the results (or the fact that I didn't make any money). Lulu lets me create a more professional look and presentation with my work and having a BA in Art and Mass Communications this can make all the difference in the world- just started up a blog on my YouTube site and published my first horror novella (short novel) and I have a lot of ideas down the pipeline.



YouTube page

Lulu page


n00b question- The link for iBooks for my novella 'A Place I Call Home' says that it's not avalible to buy. How long does it take for Lulu to distribute the book to web sites?


  • Publishing through Lulu (as wonderful and hassle free as it is) is no guarantee that your books will sell any better than they did with Smash Words. Whether you sell or not is all down to you.


    It can take several weeks for books to be available for sale in the various distribution channels.

  • You're right about that. However the editing is much better and the distribution looks more professional too. But thanks for the feedback on the time it takes. Looking forward to pubishing more books at this site.

  • However the editing is much better and the distribution looks more professional too.


    Unless you pay Lulu for one of their, well, paid for Services, then the editing is up to you. It all is, and then you use Lulu's Project Wizards to create the actual book PR PDF files, or in this case an ePub.


    I load docxs up to it..



    How Do. Pull up a chair. Would you like a cup of tea? Don't sit in that chair!!
  • William, to give you a foot up the ladder I have just bought a copy of your book. Good luck with your projects.

  • YOU ARE AWESOME! But really thanks for the support. A coworker of mine also bought a copy from me, which means this week I'll actually be making revenue from my work- that didn't happen from the previous website. Thanks once again and I hope you like it!

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