"We cannot ship to this address: please choose another address"

Several times this evening I have attempted to check out  and pay for the books in my shopping cart, only to be told "We cannot ship to this address: please choose another address". This happens whether it is an existing address in my address book or a new address I have entered. I have tried it in Firefox and Internet Explorer and the settings on both of these have not changed, they are the same as they always were. Could you please fix this or tell me how I can get around it. I have better things to do with my time, to be honest, and I need these books urgently for orders


  • There appears to be an intermittent bug in the system where some addresses are not recognized. We are working to resolve the issue. Because it is intermittent, we are having some difficulties in isolating it. If you can wait a bit to complete the order, I will let you know when bug has been zapped.


    Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.



  • I am also having this problem tonight
  • This bug has been resolved. Thank you for your patience. You should be able to place your orders now.
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