Sales report region issue?

I'm not sure if this can be a thing but I figure posting on here will be the best way to find out. I just published my first book last week and I have had a few friends approach and say they have purchased a copy but when I have gone to check my revenue it says the sales made were in the States (we are all in Canada), could it be possible that sales in Canada can show up as being made in the States?


  • Hello aajankiewicz

    When I look at your sales and revenue page, I see sales from both the US and CA. Is there a specific date for the sales in question? And, were the purchases in question made from the Lulu bookstore or from another online retailer?

  • Sales were from February 17th and were all on Lulu. I'm fairly sure those were made by one of my friend's as she explicitly said she bought both a hardcover and paperback. Unless if it takes maybe a while for some credit cards to go through. 

  • Perhaps she was shopping in the US store when she made the purchase.

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