Question on formatting

i have published a couple of books but never had this issue.  The formatting is messed up on my newest book.  It looks perfect in word, but chapters start in weird places in the proof copy.  It is set to 6x9 in the word file, which is the book size. any idea what might be going on?




  • You should upload a PDF, not a Word doc to be converted upon upload. Nothing will move. Check the PDF before you upload.

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  • ah oka thanks!

  • One question...


    Are you using page breaks between chapters or clicking the return button multiple times to progress to the next page? If the latter, that is most likely the cause of your chapters beginning in the middle of the page.



  • That can also happen if you use Centralise Page (the whole page, not the text). But as Maggie suggests, use a PDF. Word will Save As one.

  • I revised my book and when i uploaded it again the table of contents repeats themselves. So the epub is saying my chapter division is incorrect. HELP
  • Hello Ladydi69

    You should remove the table of contents from your manuscript before you run it through the eBook converter. Part of the conversion process is to generate the electronic table of contents.

  • I would like to create a landscape U.S. Letter Hardcover book. Lulu only gives portrait as an example. Am I able to do a landscape version using this size?

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