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Question about general access

So after much work (and learning from many of you guys for which I can't thank you enough) I have published my first book and I recieved my proof copy last night in the mail. Now that the metaphorical magic dust of joy has settled I still have a few questions left.


I have the book set to Private Access right now but once I finish building my website I'd want to set it to General Access so other people can be able to buy it, how long does it take for that change to come into effect?


Also will there be anything I will need to do in terms of adding an ISBN? I will eventually be trying to have it avaliable through other retail channels so I'm not sure if this needs to be done now or later.


I also understand if I am making any sort of revenue I will need to supply and fill out a W-8BEN form (I'm from Canada), how quickly does that need to be sent out?


I've been telling people it will be avaliable by February 12th, no clue if this is realistic with everything that needs to be done and I'll be honest I'm a bit scared now. 


  • It will be for sale on Lulu.com imediately after you set on general access. As far as selling it on Amazon, Ingrams, Barnes, etc, you'll have to have an ISBN either your own or a free one from here. Meaning you'll have to add the number in your original file, upload it again to lulu wizard and it will add it to your cover automatically unless you made your own cover and want to add the ISBN file to it yourself. After this you'll have to purchase another proof copy and then Ok the book for distribution to the places above. As far as setting up a link on your site and selling it here, you're ok now except for setting the link on general access. As far as the tax form Maggie or someone else might can help you there.

  • Sorry I might have confused with saying I'm building a website, it would just tell people the book is for sale on Lulu, I wouldn't actually be selling from there. It's part of a thesis project I have at school about the ways in which self-published authors can utilize different technologies for advertising. Part of my project is publishing the book. 


    If I were to add an ISBN, would the book still be avaliable right away on Lulu or would I need to wait as long as it would take for it to appear on other sites? From what I read this can be 6 to 8 weeks.

  • If the book is set to General Access, regardless of whether it includes and ISBN or not, it will be available for purchase in the Lulu bookstore upon publication.

  • Q1 - But it's not available immediately is it?


    I'm not familiar with the exact sequence, but the last time I did it I had to buy a "proof" copy and approve it before it got opened up to buy on LuLu.


    Q2 - Also I had to buy a package to have it put on Amazon, but apparently that's free now?


    Can you guys answer those 2 questions for me?



  • Hi David,

    Once you publish and set the book to General Access, it will appear on the Lulu Bookstore within minutes. No need to purchase anything to achieve this listing.

    For Amazon, you'll have to publish, then opt in to our Global Reach distribution service. Once this is done, you will be required to buy and review a proof before retailers will review the book. Once a proof is purchased, it can take 6-8 weeks for retailers to review and list your book.
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