I want to have my book copyrighted and I don't know what setting to put it at- it is an ebook.

So many choices! I want it to be protected to the fullest extent without paying for the copyright. What setting mustI mark it? What is a custom license? Is it standard domain license?


I hold all rights. No one reproduces my work unless asked for. 


  • Standard Copyright. It's one of the options there.


    (although people can still copy portions of your work for critical review)

  • I believe you have asked this question already, but you can go through the Library of Congress and also get extra protection. It's inexpensive and worth it. And like one of the other posters stated, some of your work can be copied and used for critical review; but your work can not be copied and placed in another persons work and sold as their own. Then that becomes plagiarism.

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