Free PDF for Print Books

When someone completes a purchase of a printed book, I'd like to offer them the PDF of the title free of charge. Is there a way to do this easily within a print project?


  • No, not within one project.


    You must create a new Ebook project, select PDF, set it to Direct Access and provide the link only to those whom you'd like to have the PDF free.



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  • You could create a free PDF eBook version and set it to direct access.

    In your thank you note, include the URL for the PDF version - or a link to your website where they can download the PDF.


    Keep in mind that there is only one thank-you note that will be sent to everyone who buys any of your projects.

  • That's really useful Glenn. Many thanks.
  • I'm full of ideas today....

    Another option would be to include the URL for the direct access, free PDF in the front matter of the book. That way you can provide a specific address for the PDF to someone who you know bought the book.

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