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Hi all,


After writing two books and formatting my father's book for self-publishing (all done through Lulu), I've come to realise that I actually enjoy formatting the books as much as writing them.


As such, I'd like to offer my services of formatting books for all who either don't know how or just simply don't like it.


I know that it's not something that everyone enjoys and can be a bit of a drag if you just want to get your book out there.


Let me know if anyone would like to take me up on the offer, I'm just looking to work with others to realise a dream of seeing their work published.


I'm not charging at all so don't worry about that, and I'm not looking to claim any rights or anything either.


Matt Jones


  • oncewasoncewas Publisher

    I just love the publishing process too and wish I could do that all day long!


    Good luck, Matt. I'm sure you will get many responses. Make sure your private messaging is enabled.

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  • lol, that's for sure!
  • Sorry, of course I should have added some better contact info.


    If you'd like, please contact me on my email:

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's not always wise to add your email address to a forum posting. It often just means you will get extra spam. As Maggie suggests, it better to ask people to PM you, or as I suggested, create a website.  Smiley Happy

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