amazon error

Dera Glen

In "Set your project price" under the column to the left "Channels" I ticked the amazon box IN ERROR which now presents the message

"Your work is ineligible for this channel for the following reasons: You indicated that this eBook is already available for purchase on Amazon, which makes it ineligible for distribution to Amazon through Lulu."


In an attempt to fix this, I have revised my edition but after uploading and reaching this page page again the amazon channel is still ticked - How do I remove the tick to enable my book to be sold on Amazon


  • If this version of your ebook has ever been on Amazon it will likely be rejected for distribution through Lulu.


    If the click was erroneous and your ebook has never been distributed by KDP, then simply contact support and ask them to deselect that your book has already been published on Amazon.



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  • thank you

  • Hello Stargate

    Can you provide the ISBN for the book you are referring to in your message?


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