"The Ballad of Sidney Hill" sequel in full development

Not that this is major but I thought I put it out there. I am working on the sequel to my first book which will be answering some unanswered questions from my first book. I am going to be releasing it time after my second book comes out "The Undocumented Struggle", which will be here March 1. I can't give away too much info on the plot but if you read my first book you might get a understanding of what could come in the sequel and you will understand the book well. I don't have a set release date but if I finish it in time it could come on the day I published my first book which was in late October. I am extending my connections as I know someone from Wall Street who can help put me out there so I can boost sales of my work. Two books in one year? I don't know maybe. We'll see.
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