Overriding a browsers default language


I absolutely love everything about selling my books through Lulu apart from one problem...

Is there a way to override a potential customers web browsers language so that it displays in a specific currency? For example if I put www.lulu.com/gb then it will default to the UK store however, there appears to be no way to do this with my Authors page www.lulu.com/spotlight/AnthonyWood which I know is losing me sales.

Any help or even a possible date of when this issue could/would be fixed (as I've seen several other people having the same issue) would be greatly appreciated.



  • Personally I think that would be a form of hacking and might make some people mad. But what you might could do is go to your storefront in each language and post those links. When these are listed on Google there is a link offered to translate the page. Not really sure what else could be done.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I am not sure what you mean because there are country and currency options on Lulu, as there are on many sites, one does not need to mess with one's browser.


    Look for the flag at the top of this page >>>    http://www.lulu.com/home


    There are 10 choices there.

  • Hello Anthonywood58


    Can you be more specific. How does the geo-location functionality present on the Lulu.com site prevent you from making sales?

  • Ive had around 20 people from the UK (where I'm from) who have said they can't be bothered to go to the flag, change the store and then look up my books again.
    I don't mean physically alter a persons browser, I mean direct them to the uk store first via my authors page. For example if youtype wwww.lulu.com/gb you get the UK shop. It would be perfect if I could type www.lulu.com/gb/Spotlight/AnthonyWood hope that makes sense
  • Perhaps send buyers to the actual product page in the bookstore, rather than to your spotlight. The bookstore will detect their browser (language and locale) and display language and currency based on the settings.


    However, if someone can't be bother to change the currency, can they be bothered to make a purchase that requires them to enter then payment information and address?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    "can't be bothered"?!  It does not take much effort. I hope they are not just making excuses.


    However, that Click Here flag is not on our Spotlights and also no longer a text option at the bottom of them. It would help if they were. But as Glenn says they are on every books' individual Spotlight page. Basically all people need to do is open your Spotlight, click on a book, and there's the flag option at the top. (It does also ask one to create an account (if you have not got one or not logged in) though before it continues.)

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