Google AdWords conversion tracking

I want to sell my book (print and e-book) with Lulu by advertising it with AdWords (and also probably Facebook).


Sadly, as it seems, Lulu does not provide AdWords conversion tracking.


Does it make sense to consider all clicks from my landing page which lead to Lulu as sales? Or contrary are there many users which click the links with text like "Purchase for $10" but do not purchase?


  • Clicks will only show how many people clicked on your add.


    E-Book sales on are displayed on your sales and revenue page once the payment clears - usually a few minutes following the purchase.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    As Glenn says, the clicks are simply to count who clicked the advert. They are adverts and it does not mean they will translate in to sales. That's the risk taken with adverts as even large companies have found out to their cost.

  • DysonLogosDysonLogos Bibliophile
    One of the benefits of running your own online store is that you can indeed track the conversion flow - how many people came to the site because of the ad, and how many people bought the book, and also how many people came to the site because of the ad and then bought the book.

    Because conversion rates are far more effective metrics than click-through rates.

    But generally speaking that level of marketing data to drill down into is only available in those situations where you own or control the channels involved. In situations where you use third-party channels, you typically have to give up certain levels of data collection as part of the cost of using said channels.
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