How do I convert pdf fils to "print ready pdf" files?

I have 39 separate pdf files that allow for a bleed. My book size is 8.25 X 10.75. So my files are all set up for the bleed at 8.5x11. However the bleed is not happening and I have been told by "support" that I need to put all my pdfs into ONE pdf file. Which I don't understand. Or reload my pdf's in a "print ready pdf" format. What the heck?! After a few more emails sent to customer support in total confusion on where to find this "print ready pf" format, I am still scratching me head. I haven't gotten a respone. Not holding my breath either. Can anyone point me in the right direction. 


  • You can use a trial version of Adobe Pro and insert your PDFs one at a time to end up with one PDF file, with 39 pages. Or, you can convert all your individual PDFs into jpegs and insert them in a Word file and print that as a PDF.


    So, you must upload one PDF file to make a book, not 39 individual PDFs.


    Your book size is 8.25 X 10.75, is this correct? If so, you have enough bleed. If your book size is 8.5 x11. Then your merged PDF should be 8.75 x 11.25.

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  • Here is a trial version of Adobe Pro:


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    Lulu's convertor splices individual files in to one, so why not upload one file so there's no problems while it's trying to do that?


    If you open a PDF in AR it gives the option to Save To Clipboard. Paste to some art/photo software. Save as jpg. Create a Word file to the correct dimensions etc etc., Add the images to the pages. Save As PDF. Upload to Lulu's Wizards.

  • I am a little confused here. Did you mean to convert PDF files to "print ready pdf" files with or without the help of any pdf converting toolkits? I am almost a green hand on this field.

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    The original question is a bit confusing also. because it is the Project Wizards that create the Print Ready PDF from the file/s one uploads to them, be it a docx, a RTF or even a PDF.

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