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Resolved: Lulu messed up my EPUB conversion and submitted book with wrong title. What now?

Having waited nearly 7 weeks for an EPUB conversion (well, by "waited" I mean nagged until someone bothered telling me they'd not touched it for 3 weeks without telling me there was more stuff I needed to do to the source file), I received the file today, complete with formatting errors that were not in the original document. The employee in charge of the conversion also decided of his own accord to change my title and omit an essential part of it. He then submitted it to the retail distribution channels without consulting me first. This also included distribution channels I did not approve as I work with them directly.

I have unticked all channels and attempted to delete the project but it doesn't seem to be going away. Is this because it has been submitted? I really need this to not go out as it will cause me and my brand a lot of damage.


Also, I suspect Apple, the only distribution channel I actually care about, will not accept it, because of the formatting errors. Not that I'd want them to because it really looks quite bad. I have emailed support but I really do not want to wait another 7 weeks for this to be fixed. Is there anything I can do or will I, once again, be paying for the huge mistake I made in trusting Lulu to do what they claim they can?


  • I realize you're probably very frustrated, but it doesn't benefit you to post here. Why not just write to them and mention the errors and omissions? It takes a day to fix those things, and resubmit for distribution.


    Raise a ticket, or just respond to the emails they sent you.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Well, last time I waited for 3 weeks with no answer, having sent an email back with the existing order / support ticket, then another one asking if there were any problems. After I posted here, the reply miraculously appeared on the same day.


    As I don't have 7 more weeks or even 3 more weeks to wait for their support staff to bother replying, I am posting on here in the hope that someone actually does something. I have also continued my complaint process with the BBB as that also seems to get replies coming in faster. At least I have now managed to remove the bad project, after about 10 attempts, so a badly formatted ebook with the wrong title will not be sent around the world just yet.


    As for it taking a day to fix and resubmit, I seriously doubt it will be done in a day, as I can't even get an answer to my email in less than 2 weeks normally. If you've had a better experience with them, you've been extremely lucky.Based on what I've experienced and read online, I'm definitely not the first to be extremely unhappy with the level of service. I thought people were being needlessly harsh about them, but apparently I was very wrong.

  • hello Kashka23

    So sorry to hear you are still having difficulty with this project. I know that you mentioned in a previous post that the formatting was not correct, buy you did not include any details about what exactly was wrong. 


    I have chatted with Phil, who worked on this eBook conversion. He will contact you through email today using the previous case number.


    I hope this can be resolved to your satisfaction.




  • Hello

    It appears that Phil has responded to you by email with an explanation as to why your title was changed, a corrected manuscript file, and instructions for updating your project.


    If you have any difficulties, he asks that you respond to the support case and he will be happy to assist you.

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