How do I edit/reposition my cover?

I have uploaded a wraparound cover for my book but have noticed there is a small bleed onto the front cover from the spine. It is tiny, really, but just enough for me to notice.


I need to edit my cover and (basically) shift it slightly to the left to aline the spine artwork with the spine.


I am a bit worried about going back in to edit the cover and wondered if anyone has experience of this and can give me a simple step-by-step guide as to what I need to do?


Many thanks, Paul


  • You must fix it in your image-editing software and reupload.

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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    In my opinion there's no reason to use the one-piece Cover Wizard unless you want more than text on the spine, and/or a dustjacket.


    If you don't want those things then the 'basic' Cover Wizard works just fine and sorts the spine position out by default.

    If you want the spine to match the colour of the two images you upload then use the eyedropper tool.


    It does of course work better if you have a border around the images to use the colour-picker on, but it's best to keep the important stuff away from the edges anyway.


    As per these examples >>


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