Book listed all over the world

Recently I did a check on google using my book title and my name. I was really surprised that my book is listed on all kind of book-selling sites. Not only in the US at Amazon, etc. but also in Russia, the Netherlands, Australia, China and more countries. I estimated roughly 30 of them. And at some sites, the prices of the E-versions were even lower than at Lulu. I am happy with the audience, but what happens to the revenues? Are they finally paid to me through Lulu? And were these outlets, arranged through Lulu? If so, shouldn't I be informed? Hopefully, someone knows the answers. Thanks in advance.


  • Hello geoman

    When you choose distribution, your book is distributed through Ingram who will collect the sales information from their retail partners, collect the funds, and pass them along to Lulu.


    The same goes for your books on Amazon. Regardless of the locale in which the book sells, Amazon tallies all the numbers, and reports the numbers and revenues monthly.

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