Resolved: Lulu Support Response Times Completely Unacceptable

I placed a support request via the form for a problem with a large order (I ordered 40 copies of a book) on January 13th and have yet to receive anything but an automated reply that someone from the support team would be in contact with me within 3 business days. Well, that time period has come and gone and all 40 of my books are suffering from the same printing defects which were not present on the proof copy I ordered. I have spent several hundred dollars and have no usable product. This is beyond ridiculous. This is the first major project I have worked on where I tried Lulu as the printing/publishing partner. I have several more projects this spring requiring similar services. Now, I am beginning to wonder if trying Lulu was a mistake and I should start to look into other printing / publishing houses for my needs. 


How else can I escalate this issue to Lulu support when they simply refuse to answer the form I already filled out and submitted?


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  • Hello Adam,


    You placed the order of 40 books January 13th. Today is the 21st. This means your 40 books were printed and shipped in 8 days. Is this correct?


    When you say  "via the form, " do you mean you raised a ticket formally, or you noted your problem via the forum?


    Either way, I'm sure Glenn will look into your concern and get back to you. You might, however, benefit from clarifying the above points.


    I am sorry for your frustration. But rest assured that you will be refunded and your books reprinted correctly.

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  • Hi Maggie,

    My order was delivered on the 13th which is when I noticed the defects. I raised a ticket through the same day to attempt to get my issue resolved. This is the first time I am turning to the forums in an attempt to get resolution.

  • Ok, so it's been 5 working days. Raise another ticket. This time make sure you select the Damaged/Defective option. It only happened to me once in ten years, and the problem was resolved in one day.

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  • Hello Adam_R

    Please accept our apologies. Our print support team is still digging out from the holiday rush season.

    I have asked someone from our general support team to take your case. She should be in contact with you shortly.

  • Hi Glenn,

    Thank you very much for the reply. I received an email that my order will be reprinted and shipped which is much appreciated. I do have a question, will the print team inspect the newly printed materials to ensure that the defects are cured?

    Thank you again for the prompt reply.


  • Your books will be printed by the printer closest to the shipping destination. The printing process is mostly automated, but since these are re-orders it is likely that there will be a bit more care taken since these books will be produced at the printer's expense.


    Since your case has been addressed, I will mark this post as Resolved.


    Thanks for returning and reporting the issue has been addressed.



  • You are correct egarding the very slow response times. I contacted the forum concerning poor binding quality and inadequate QA checks prior to despatch in 2012. Here I am again in January 2015 raising exactly the same problem - it appears that Lulu is still not able to address issues. Interestingly I never have these problems when I use Albelli. I even get a note with my book identifying who checked it before despatch - good tracking. My most recent book in question was ordered as a belated Christmas present on 1st January. It is now nearly a month later and I still do not have a book I can use. I have already notified Lulu about the late delivery and on the 20th January of the defective binding in the book I received; I have also sent photographs showing the defects twice and I still have not received any response. Please advise why Lulu have not addressed this ongoing issue and promptly ordered a replacement - this request is dated 28th January. I do not generally have these problems with other POD firms - a response is normally received and actions taken by return - this is good business practice; why is this taking so long please??


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