New Procedure: Handling Support Case Posts

The intent of the Lulu Community Forums is to facilitate knowledge sharing and communication between self-published authors. Over the years the forum platform, layout and contributors have changed as the self-publishing industry matures. One thing, however, has remained constant; forums are occasionally used by individuals as a means to expedite their support case. While Lulu is accountable for the services and support we provide, posts in the forums should be consistent with the intended use.


In 2014 moderators began responding to forum posts about customer support by posting case resolutions, predominantly to assure our community members that the support team was indeed working to solve their issues. Now that we are in a new year and the support team is firing on all cylinders, we thought it was a good time to formalize this practice.


Going forward, forum posts specific to customer support issues will be tracked by moderators to resolution. Once the case is closed, the resolution will be posted on the thread, the thread title will be updated by adding “Resolved:” to the title, and the thread will be closed. After three months the post will be archived.


This policy is not intended to prevent free expression. Its intent is to prevent new posts on old threads that are no longer monitored by moderators. If someone feels they are not receiving the support they deserve, and they post on a thread that is two years old, it is unlikely any of us will know about it - further frustrating those seeking support.


As always, everyone at Lulu appreciates the contributions our community members make of their time and knowledge. Because of you, our community continues to be a valuable asset to all self-published authors seeking advice and assistance.

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