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Good news so far

It has been a while. First, I would like to announce the upcoming release of my second book, "The Undocumented Stuggle" which is releasing on March 1 in honor of my dad's passing anniversary. Secondly, I have released the fourth edition of my book "The Ballad of Sidney Hill" which fixed errors (if there are any) mainly the punctuation. I redid the cover so it doesnt looked shrinked and a paperback/physical version of my book is available. I just need to order a expermential copy for my book to assure the quality, If it is good then i will possibly order more copies and give them out to some bookstores, family members and my friends in school. Attached is the front cover for my second upcoming book.

Paperback version for "The Ballad of Sidney Hill'


  • Congratulations.


    I like the cover. Perhaps left justify the title? For movement and balance? Same position.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The cover is a bit strange.


    The legs of the shadow are elongated as if caused by a light close to the ground, but the body is not elongated.


    It all looks a bit unbalanced, the fonts too 'shy'.


    I would shorten the shadow, possibly even widen it a bit, and place the title right across the top above it in a larger bolder font.


    Your name needs to be larger also.


    I would get rid of that black slash across the page, it's distracting.



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The Paperback now >>


    The title and name are far too close to the edges.

    I would perhaps also do the title as


    The Ballard


    Sidney Hill




    As to the image. Sorry I don't like it at all. It says nothing to me. What is it representing?


    The pages >>  font is far too small and line spacing far too wide.


    The text needs ' Justifying '.


    Do you have a Title page and a Copyright page?


    I have to say it's too expensive.



  • Can you be more specific as what needs fixing for both items? For the price, Lulu made it that way so that I could receive sufficent revenue, if any...
  • I read over your post again and I will make changes to the cover for my second book. My first book cover, the image represents a dillusion from good and bad meaning that it is in context with my story. It looks good from far but the image will question the world of the story so I'll stick with that. The back however, I'll make a tweak to that so it doesn't look amateurish. The interior of my paperback, I made the font 14 in size and yes I am justifing the text and fixing the spacing. In the eBook I was able to get away with this so people can read it easier but the physical version I have to amply tweak it. If there are any other suggestions/concerns I'll be gladly listening.
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