Hi! I want to know if Lulu publisher accepts a cover image which contains the tittle of an eBook on it or they accept only a cover image which does not have a Title?


  • Yes, you can have your book title on your cover image; just make sure that you deselect

    the book name and author text option when you upload your cover or else it will overprint your image. If this

    happens your book will fail the distribution test.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    An ePub cover is just the same as a book front cover, except that they are all of the same specific size. You can upload one complete image minus any text and rely on the default text the Wizard places on it, or you can include the text on your image when you design it and delete (or just tick the box to turn it off) the default text. Note that either way the text still has to say exactly the same.

  • I uploaded my cover image with text and deselected title and author text. However in ebook devices and readers, on iBook, iPhone the cover appears just in brown background with first line title, no subtitle (entered in metadate after colon) with with author name, all not in my graphics.

    I wonder also how Lulu's requirement that cover and title page and meta data must be same, can be met if my cover image includes the title. The progroms could not read my title from a jpg image???

    I contacted support but I guess they are too busy.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I don't know what's causing that problem if the Marketing Image allowed your image, but after you have Published, then Lulu's staff also take a look to see if everything that should match does match and all is as it should be.


    Lulu's staff will reply eventually. They have 1000s of other things to deal with and you go in to a queue, give them a few days ...


    Or Staff Glenn may even have the time to answer your posting beforehand.

  • Thanks, still waiting for support team to help.

    My cover image does not show on iBooks, just brown and short title from megadata.


    Images are not in correct locations, all over, and many missing.


    Just got a call from Lulu, no help, trying to sell me a support package between $ 900 and $ 3000, and telling me that I can't use 150 pictures in an ebook. I asked what's the limit? He did not know anything. Just a "marketing service" call that makes the whole Lulu operation look like a scam venture.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It can take a while for all the details to appear on sites because for some reason they do not all appear at the same time.


    But if your images are all over the place I am surprised Lulu's staff passed it never mind allowed it to be distributed.


    As to your problems, solutions should be found here >>    http://connect.lulu.com/t5/eBook-Formatting-Publishing/eBook-Creator-Guide/ta-p/109443


    I am surprised that Lulu help only tried to sell you a service. Perhaps you used the address for Lulu's paid-for services? But if I am not mistaken they only charge $99 to create an epub.

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