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Question about Headings

I have just successfully uploaded a .doc file and it converted, really, perfectly into epub file. It is a fairly complex document, with pictures and endnotes. Everything works, and I'm really excited about it. I have also checked out how it looks in three readers, iBook, Caliber, and Adobe Digital Additions, works perfectly in the last two, almost perfect in iBooks (BTW couldn't get the Firefox add-on to work.)


Now to my question. All your instructional materials insist that you put the Title in H1, that's ok. The examples I saw put also Copyright page, Preface and Introduction in H1, I did that. The materials emphazise that you put the Chapter headings in H2, I did that. Took out my level four headings, so I do have the main breaks in each chapter showing as subheadings because I put them in H3. That's the background. I also recall a stern warning not to go from H3 to H1. Didn't do that.


But here's the question. It's really illogical to put all the chapters UNDER the introduction, but that's what the readers show, at least two of them. So here I will break my question into two parts.


1) So why couldn't you just put the chapters in H1 along with those other introductory pages? Then you would still have a table of contents, but it would show the chapters on the same level as the introduction and preface, which seems to me to make better sense. Is it because your Wizard must find units with subheadings at level 2? Or maybe there is no such restriction. If not, that is how I would like to organize my book.


2) And further, I could live without this, but if you could put your Chapters on Level 1 (H1), why couldn't you then have two levels of subheadings H2 and H3, as long as you didn't violate the rule not to skip a level backwards (H3 to H1)? Is it a limitation of the wizard?


  • You can do all of those things - it's your book, you get to decide.


    You don't even have to use Heading style for the front matter sections. If you don't want the introduction, preface, or dedication pages listed in the table of contents, you can make them Title or normal style.



    There are only two hard and fast rules for the eBook TOC-

    1. The first line of the text file must be the title and it must be in Heading 1 style
    2. Do not skip from Heading 1 to Heading 3

    Other than that, you are free to assign headings in the manner that makes the most sense for your content.

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