Resolved: Book order Problem - Empty Promises with their 3 day reply - Case 01161737 6th Jan 2014

Hi ,

When do Lulu get back to you it is defiinatly not 3 working days? I raised a ticket on the 6th Jan. and guess what no reply,

Does it go anywhere, have raised 2 more since, asking for a reply.

Is anyone home?

From: Lulu Support <[email protected]>
Date: 6 January 2015 22:29:40 GMT
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Lulu Support Case 01161737, [ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050ZE3Zw:ref ]
Reply-To: [email protected]

Hello Xxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Lulu Support and for alerting us to the problem with your order. We will respond via email within 3




  • Hello Bbag

    So sorry to hear you are still waiting.


    The print team is still quite a bit behind in responding to cases, so I have asked someone from our general support team to have a look at your request.

  • And, like magic, a reorder is on its way.


    Once again, we apologize for the delay.

  • Glenn,

    10 day wait via ticket and only 1hr via your good self.

    Thanks bud. Smiley Happy
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