January 2015 - sales report

Hi there Smiley Happy


First a little praise: I am absolutely happy and grateful (yay) with publishing my book "The Night of Elisa" with LULU. You guys have done and amazing job on the affordable printing prices and great world distribution for indie authors like me! Smiley Happy Thanks a lot!


Now, about the January report... It seems like I had some paperback and hardcover sales on webshops across the globe during December. I saw in some sites things such as "costumers who bought this also boought that" kind of thing.


I wonder if these stores are really being honest on that - or if somehow, due to some bug, I haven't received my report from LULU?


Anyone else with the same problem?

Cheers and thanks for reading!Cat LOL


  • Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author Author

    Hello isisousa

    Retail sales, particularly printed book sales, can take from 6-8 weeks to appear on your sales and revenue page. So, if there were sales, don't despair, they will show up eventually.


    Often recommendation engines, as we call them, use the description (or genre) of a book that is purchased and compares it with the descriptions of books within the same genre. Hence the ability to recommend similar books. That does not mean that the book sold, it just means that you may also like the recommended book, based on its similarities to another.


    I think the "People who bought this book...." text is a bit like peer pressure - exhorting you to join in with other like-minded people. But, that is only my opinion.  Smiley Wink

  • Hey Glenn!  Thanks a lot for replying and so quickly! ^.^


    Aha, I thought it would come more like in a fixed date every month. I got my first report after global distribution last year in November, so I thought it would come about same time in January as well. But I see how it works now! Thanks!


    Hm, yes, I agree with you on such "customers who bought x also bought y". Such things are not much appealing to me as individual...


    In a way of course it can help discovery for some books, but I noticed most of the advantage goes to already popular books. I noticed one case in particular, on two German stores, where the books bought with my title were very popular "bestselling lists" rather than other books which need more discovery Smiley Tongue





  • How can I find if my book as sold in barnes and noble ? Inspirational expressions by Thomas Steidinger


  • Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author Author

    Hello TRS1942

    If you search by your book's ISBN (without the dashes) you will see a list of retailers that currently offer your book for sale.

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