We're aware of an issue with converting some DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF files to EPUB through our Ebook Wizard.

At this time, we're investigating the problem and looking for a solution.

If you've encountered this issue while converting your file, we suggest attempting to create and upload an EPUB directly to our system.

While there are a number of EPUB conversion options, Calibre (Download Here) has shown the best results for creating an EPUB for the Lulu system. Please review their extensive Help resources (Found Here) to create an EPUB 2 that our system can validate.

We've also created this Forum Thread. Post questions here and we'll do our best to respond and assist.

The ISBN you entered is already assigned to a book on Lulu. please contact support.

I want to use self publishing with lulu.com but I think I'm in the wrong channel So how can I get in the right way(self publishing).Because I have message can't use ISBN that have used on 'My Project' is this for DIY or not or I have to delete all file.Can you tell me how to do 1,2,3?
Thank you.


  • ISBNs can only be used once. If they have previously been assigned to a published book, they cannot be used again. You can, however, obtain a new, free ISBN from Lulu by returning to the ISBN option page.

  • ' If they have previously been assigned to a published book, ' 
    I use my ISBN for ebook and don't know how lulu do with 'My Project' there no progress.I just want to use DIY self pubishing on lulu now you tell me to use lulu's ISBN.How can I restart from zero or cancel the account?
    Thank you..

  • You can use the "back" button to return to the start of the publishing wizard.


    If you choose to delete the project, go to My Projects and click on the Delete link displayed to the right of the project title.

  • Already delete 'My Project' but still show the same message 'The ISBN you entered is already assigned to a book on Lulu. please contact support.'so Does it mean my ISBN belong to lulu.com?If not how can I use it publish my ebook?Who can fix it?
    Thank you..

  • Once you apply an ISBN, to a project it cannot be reused - even if you delete the project.

    Our distribution team has a tool, that may be able to release the ISBN.


    Here is a link to the correct support category


    Click the I Still Need Help button.

    Please describe the actions you took before you received the error message. Make sure you include the ISBN you are using in the request.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Some people do not understand what a ISBN is. Imagine it as being the same as your car number plate or even VIN. This explains in full >>



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