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Remove listing

Hello... I had someone helping me with the Lulu process.  I know absolutely nothing about Lulu and unfortunately, I have a dire situation and don't have time to spare to overly familiarize myself with Lulu.  Frankly, I find it intimidating.  I did a little research and can't find the answer to my problem.  First, please understand any other messages posted under my name before this message was from the person that was helping me. 


The problem:  The book is listed and apparently for sale but should not be.  It is fraught with errors and apparently someone made a mistake and now it's listed.  It is also on amazon.  This is all very embarrassing and I want to take it down ASAP.  The person that was helping me is no longer doing so.  


The problem is of such a serious nature that I am willing to pay a small fee to someone who can help me with this issue.  I can be reached at [email protected]


Thanks, glenn


  • Hello Glenn

    This is another Glenn


    Log into your Lulu.com account.

    Scroll down to the project and click the Retire link.

    This will immediately remove the project from the Lulu bookstore.

    A request will also be sent to Amazon to stop selling the book on their site.


    Please let us know if we can help in any other way.

  • Thanks, that was easy enough. -)

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Unfortunately if it has an ISBN it will spread out across the world on 1000s of retail book sites. And they will not be removed. They will just be listed as Unavailable. Amazon do that too, under the excuse that someone on their site may have old stock of it, or a used one, and the 'official' page will state such with links. Thankfully, Amazon do remove at least the Preview. However, given time, those links will go.
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