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How to increase font size on book spine?

---I edited my book spine to increase the font size from the very tiny size previewed but the font size didn't take. The existing font is so small as to unreadable at casual glance. How can I increase the font size on the book spine if the format won't accept the edit change? I'm otherwise ready to roll and distribute...


Thanks in advance...Bobby Mac


  • Hello LondonRingRules


    Double click on the spine text.

    A text edit box should display.

    Highlight the text in the edit box and set the size.


    I am assuming, at my own peril, that your book includes enough pages to have a larger font size on the spine.



  • --- Yes, Glenn, that is exactly what I have done to no avail. 


    I'm awaiting my proof copy to compare the actual product, but I may start by working up from the smaller sizes. I've got 311 pages packed in my spine, so surely there's enough room for more than the microscopic text currently in use.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I think that the spine text tool works out the number of letters you want on the spine and adjusts the font size until they fit. If it's already maxed out it will not let you enlarge them. There's a lower font size limit at where it will put nothing on the spine.

  • Kevin has a good point.

    There is a limit of 42 characters allowed on the spine.

    How many characters are you attempting to place there?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I discovered that when I tried to put a series title, the title of the part, and my name on a spine. There's times one has to compromise with what you try to fit on the spines.

  • ---Title is "Duking It Out With The Devil~Confessions of a Wayward Texas Boy     Bobby Mac


    It won't even allow me to reduce the font size. 



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Yes, that is very long, and depending on the height of the book it may have reached the max lower font size possible.


    You seem to have a Title and a Sub-title there. Try with just the Title.


    Duking It Out With The Devil - Bobby Mac

  • --- My first version used only the main title as you have just suggested and I was unable to edit the font size. I added the sub title in the revision and am still unable to edit font size in spite of trying at least a dozen times between the two. Specifically, my corrections just don't take in spite of selecting a various different sizes and clicking the OK button.


    As I look in my personal library and the two branches of the public library I use, much smaller books than mine have hugely larger lettering on their spines regardless of title length. It seems utterly silly that I can't at least have a marginally decent sized main title or absent that, have a marginally decent sized very simple author name.


    I have to believe there is some flaw inherent in this version of lulu software I'm using since everything else was obviously figured out on the lulu site and worked like a charm. I don't want to release the book for general distribution until I can figure out how to get at least partial marginally decent size lettering beyond the stock microscopic lettering I've been assigned. 

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Have you tried clicking on the spine? Or using the other test edit tool?


    You cannot go off what are perhaps mass-produced books. Lulu uses POD machines.


    One way around it is to create a 1-piece cover and use the Cover Wizard for that, then you can do what ever you want on the spine.

  • --- I did use a one piece cover that was interrupted by black spine which I have clicked repeatedly to change the text, but to no avail. 


    Like I say, I can't make the spine text larger even though plenty of room exists, nor can I even make it smaller, so I'd like another go at the book spine without having to resubmit everything for a new proof.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I am a bit lost with you now.


    For the 1-piece cover Wizard (Advanced) you have to upload one complete finished image for front, spine and back, that you have pre-created in some art/photo software do you not? There are downloadable templates for the job.


    Black spine? And is the font also black ...

  • I found the cover wizards difficult to use and yes I have a single image I used with a front and back. I'd really rather not resubmit endlessly over a cover issue that is seems to be software limited. If I released the book for distribution today nobody would be able to read the spine without having to be very deliberately close. Even a common 60 page pocket book would have much larger lettering than what I have seemingly been stuck with.



  • I have had the same problem - the lettering is absolutely tiny and just not fit for purpose.  When I highlighted the spine text the drop down list only offered a size 6 so there was absolutely nothing I could do to enlarge the text even though I can see there is space enough above and below to take a size 8 font.  The spine width from memory is 0.446 cm.  Is there anything that can be done please? Thanks

  • If you are not seeing any increased sizes from the drop down menu, it likely means your spine is too narrow to support larger fonts.
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