1-2 days delivery never happens

I have many times ordered a 1-2 days delivery and it never happens!!!


What I see  happening  is that Lulu puts your books into some batch process that is process perhaps once a week or every other week. From here it gets sent off and then there goes 1-2 days.


I ordered books the 2. january and receive them first today (7 days later) and I paid the expensive express delivery. 

Apparently express is not for Lulu, they don't seem to care.


What is even worse is that they send it with UPS and you never know what time they will arrive so if you are not home they will try 2 more times and return your books back to Lulu... and I was not at home when they came with the books!


UPS expect us all to be mind readers.


I see two major problems here.


1. Lulu doesn't care about the express

2. UPS will just end up costing you more money




  • DysonLogosDysonLogos Bibliophile
    The 1-2 day delivery is only on the delivery end of the transaction, it specifically doesn't state that it will reduce the printing time. Lulu doesn't actually print the books - they are printed by various printers depending on what country you are ordering from. Thus the express shipment is exactly that - shipment. It does not move you up in the printing queues or guarantee or even suggest a faster printing than a book ordered with regular shipping.

    That said, I've had books arrive in my mailbox with well less than 72 hours from time of order to time of delivery.

    Also, regarding UPS, you can usually contact UPS to arrange alternate delivery or pickup so they don't return to package to the sender.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    All I can say is that most companies who do not deliver at least 95% of their goods in the time stated do not last very long. The wise ones who are not sure if they can deliver all orders within 2 to 3 days say allow up-to 2 weeks. (When it was just the GPO service in the UK they said allow up to 21 days, often even 30 days). Possibly that puts some people off who see other places boasting even Next Day, to then find out they mean 7 days  Smiley Happy


    One newish way around it that the big boys use is you can buy on line, and choose to then collect it from one of their local shops an hour later, if it's an opening time that is. Click & Collect. You can even do it with groceries. Apparently even Amazon are considering opening real shops.


    Perhaps the moral here is to order in plenty of time. A month prior perhaps!

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