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Submit to a podcast to promote your work

I have recently begun a podcast where authors can submit a short story to promote their website, their blog, their email sign up, a new release, whatever you want to promote. The idea is simple, if you have ever written a sample story - maybe one you wrote to give away to email subscribers, maybe one you wrote for a blog post, or as part of a collection - submit the story and I will read it as an episode of the Thrills and Mystery Podcast. It can be a horror story, an adventure, a crime piece, suspense ... anything that fits the general theme of thrills and mystery. 

I'll open the podcast by introducing you and your front matter (social media, a brief review quote, whatever you want) then I'll read the story, or you can record it in your own voice and submit that. There will also be a shownotes site with all the pertinent links. Then you promote your story, I'll promote your story, other writers will promote the podcast when they are included and more people will find you that way as well. It's a big ol' round robin of cross promotion.


Here's the link.





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