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Formatting eBook Block Quotes



I am in the process of getting a 32 page novella ready to publish as an eBook. The story in question has a few block quotes (indented paragraphs in block style that are 2 font points smaller than the regular font size). I've been researching eBook formatting, and there is nothing (unless I am completely blind and missed it!) about formatting stuff like this.


The main character picks up a few books throughout the story and reads small passages from them.  Here is a fake example:


Sally gasped when she saw what was written in Tom's diary. Had the man gone insane?


      I am Tom. I like turtles. I am Tom. Turtle.

      I am Tom. I like turtles. I am Tom. Turtle.

      I am Tom. I like turtles. I am Tom. Turtle.

      I am Tom. I like turtles. I am Tom. Turtle.


If I made the block quotes into a style, would they convert proberly when the final ePub is created? Or do I have to find another way to differenciate the block quotes from the rest of my text with italics or something?


Thank you to all who take the time to read this!


  • You are absolutely correct! 


    You can create a new paragraph style - and call it something like "Indented Block." Apply the formatting you want to the new style. The new paragraph style will be preserved during conversion.

  • Glen


    I have a similar question. I wanted text centered on the page and specified this in the Normal Style but this was stripped out during the conversion process. Any idea how I can hold on to it?



  • Highlight your text and set it to Normal again.


    Right click on Normal style, modify and see what the formatting is.

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  • I have this exact same question. I do have several block quotes in my book. I had just accepted what the guidlines said that all you need as far as styles go is H1, H2, H3 and Normal. I interpreted that statement as saying, watch out, you'll have trouble if you include other paragraph styles than Normal. Now I see that I may have drawn the wrong conclusion about that. But BEFORE I go back and make all these changes (putting all the extended quotes back into indented block paragraph form by applying such a style, built into MS Word as "Quote"), I want to be sure that there is a point to it, and that in fact the paragraphs with that style will be indented in the ebook.

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