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How to display the retail price in pounds sterling rather than dollars

How do I do this please?


When I'm logged in, prices appear in pounds but customers tell me that they see the price in dollars.


This Knowledgebase article doesn't seem to apply (unless I'm being extra-dense today!):




Many thanks




  • Hello Picnic

    The price will display based on the store the buyer is shopping in at that time.


    For example, if a shopper is logged into the Canadian, Australian, or US store, the price will display as $.

    If that same shopper clicks on the flag icon at the top of the page and selects the UK store, the price will display in Pounds.


    I hope that answers your question.


  • Thanks for the reply but is there no way to 'force' their view to the UK shop? I am sending the link to potential customers and I know that  some will reject it out of hand if the price is shown in dollars by default.


    Many thanks



  • The default store view is based on the buyer's locale (language setting) as set in their browser.


  • Right, thanks again, I will include instructions alongside the link that I send, just in case!



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