Need Immediate Help with Barnes & Noble Book Signing Tour



I am the author of a recently published book that is available on the Barnes and Noble website at: 


I have been invited to do a book signing at one of their flagship stores. However there appears to be an issue with setting up the event regarding Print On Demand (POD). I received the following message from the Barnes & Noble store manager:


"Hello Bryant,

YES!  would love to have you do a signing at our store but...I need to make sure that the books are available for me to  order through our warehouse first.  As of today it is still only available to me as a POD so I can't bring it in to the store.  Once the status of your book is changed, we can work on a date and all the rest (which is fabulous that you have these companies to support and promote your book!)"


QUESTION: How can my book be made available for the manager to order through the B&N warehouse versus POD so that we can move forward with the book signing?


Please note that I have major supplement manufacturers who is also willing to advertise the book signing event because I listed their vitamins as a Preferred Product in my book.


Please help.




Book Title: It's Not the Cans: The Best Nutrient Balance for a Stronger and Healthier You


ISBN: 9780692028780




Thank you.


Bryant Lusk - Author


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