Monthly Photo Diary

I would like to create a photo diary book. With photos on the left page and a monthly calendar on the facing page. Is there a template for that on Lulu? Or any suggestions how to do it?


  • The Studio Calendar Creator, although they are not exactly books and I think the photos are always at the top.


    But you can always create one as a docx in Word and create a 'normal' book in a book Wizard.


    Word has 100s of calendar templates, but I do not know if you can resize them or save them as Docx or PDF.


    I have just looked. Yes you can.

    How Do
  • Thank U Professor!! One last ? Is it better to use a Docx or a PDF?
  • PDF's seem to be less troublesome, especially for files heavy with images and grids etc. Word will Save As a PDF.

    How Do
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