Publishing new version without deleting old one

I want to publish a new revision of my book, without having to delete the old version, as I may find I prefer the older version, and may want to continue using it.  (Note that distribution is to me only.) I've tried to do this before, but when I looked at the preview, both revisions were included. ???


  • You can have two separate projects, one for each version. One interior file per book.


    Under the upload interior file stage there is a red X where you can delete the second file you have uploaded.

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  • Yeah, I did what Maggie suggested. I created a new project for the revised version, and then I went into the old version and made it direct access only so people who still had the link to the old one could get to it, but I changed all my adcopy to aim to the new one.

    (I kept the old one available - with a note on the product page that the new version is slightly cheaper and much prettier - because it is part of a series and some people may want an old cover edition of one book to go with one they already have)
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